Going the Extra Mile

I was recently working in Durham, New Hampshire — hired by Comcast – to help them shine in the marketplace and promote their products. One of the initiatives of my team was to demo the iPad and its functionality with apps as well as showcase the ease and mobility of bringing television entertainment to a new level.

When we demo at a large event, we have a great time meeting people from all walks of life. It’s even more fun when someone owns an iPad. One group interested in our iPad demonstration was a group of firefighters from the University of New Hampshire area. As we explained the “how to’s” and listened to how they used our products, we heard a story of what I consider “going the extra mile.”

Kind of embarrassed, as the Captain listened in, two firefighters told us of a recent story where they were in the middle of a blazing fire. On their way out of the home, they noticed what looked like a tank of water. Wiping the “tank” covered in soot, they noticed a single fish swimming. As they looked at each other, without even thinking, they made a decision to carry the fish to safety.

It may sound crazy, “why save a fish?”, but these particular guys went for it. A fifty pound tank, not a gold fish bowl.

These fire fighters went the extra mile to save someone’s pet fish.

In our everyday world, we have the choice of going the “extra mile.” What does that mean to you, in your world?

In mine — to think beyond yourself. To check in and wish a client good luck before a big meeting or presentation when you yourself are running late. To send an unexpected card or gift in the mail to a special someone — who isn’t in the best of spirits. To text a funny message to a co-worker in distress, when you may be in distress yourself. To write a letter of recommendation so outstanding, that your heart sings while you’re writing it – and you know that the recipient will get the job/contract/position. To think of your team, and what they need — versus just getting the job “done”. To bring an elderly person flowers or cookies, or help them with their groceries. To take time to help someone in need, when they just can’t do it for themselves.

A little extra effort can make a difference or change someone’s thinking to get through a tough day.

That extra effort, could save a life. Even if it’s the life of a small pet fish.

Maybe it’s reflex, or just a knowingness when it “kicks in.”

Join me in saluting the people who go the extra mile, every day. Today, it’s the firefighters in Durham, NH.

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4 Responses to Going the Extra Mile

  1. Hi Robin,
    Love your shout out to people who deserve it. It was an honor and a pleasure learning about the efforts these men make to serve their community.

  2. I love the fish story – it is exceptional people who would think to do that – people that have a value and respect for all of life.

  3. Jeramy says:

    I really knew about nearly all of this, but with that said, I still believed it had been beneficial. Nice blog!

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