Welcome Back

“Welcome Back”, I said to myself. I took a break, visited with my kids, wrote some articles and a bit for my upcoming book. I emptied my head. Kayaked. Cooked new recipes. Danced in the moonlight.

I’m just sayin’ — It’s summer, and I gave myself a well-deserved break from my normal routine (though I might like to keep dancing in the moonlight as an activity).

My million dollar tip today is this: For your head, for your heart, for your health –Take a break.

When it’s time (you’ll know), just get back to what’s important to you.

For me, it’s helping entrepreneurs with their lives, and promoting their businesses, and making more money, so it can FUEL the life they want to live. And, how they’ll give.

It’s pretty easy to figure, once you get to what’s important.

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