The Money Faucet

I’m in New Jersey with a client of mine and today at breakfast, we had a discussion about the flow of money. Where was it coming from? Where was she resistant? Where was her joy? What other opportunities were showing up for her to tap into, or open up to?

My client is an idea generator, to the max, but seemed to have a block on allowing the money to flow because she was committed to having it come in only one way, through her core business.

We had a spirited conversation about the energy of money, and how it comes to you. Who’s to say that if money flows in from another source, that it’s wrong – especially if the other source is directly related to an additional gift? Remember, she’s an idea generator and her work is creative and powerful. In some ways, she can’t help but make money because she has such passion and takes inspired action – big time. But, she’s resisting it.

The reason I am writing this today is because we each have blocks to where the money comes in. It’s not wrong if you are gifted by an inheritance, and your business is down. It’s not wrong if you are called to share a special skill for payment, and that adds to your bottom line. And, it’s not wrong if business comes to you in unexpected ways.

It’s all right.

My client transforms bodies, in fact lives, and has an incredible sense of style. Her look is part of her brand. Why shouldn’t she add fashion stylin’ as a service? Frankly, it’s a disservice not to.

Be open to your ideas and let the money flow.

No need for Draino, when you use your Braino.

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2 Responses to The Money Faucet

  1. Alison says:

    Hey Robin,
    That’s an interesting concept, but does there come a point where you sound scattered for all your ventures and money sources? Just wondering because someone said to me the other day – you seem to be all over the place. And I am not sure that is a compliment, and though I said after my last FT job for someone else, I will never rely on a single revenue source again, is there a point where too many sources are detrimental? BTW I love the variety it brings to my life.

  2. Robin Samora says:

    Thanks for commenting. I’d say if your activities are moving in the same direction as your goal, or — they are for a specific reason — a JOB, for example, to act as a business loan, then that’s perfectly fine, and you’re on the path. Sometimes I dress up like a costume character for extra income, and I love it for a number of reasons. First, it helps pay for my boat to be stored for the long winter, or pay for a plane ticket to a destination somewhere in the future. Secondly, I love kids and the chance to give Reiki to them. Being scattered is a frame of mind. You choose to be scattered. If you have a vision or plan, you’re not scattered. Remember to always have a goal in mind, and the HOW shows up in different ways. That’s what makes life exciting. To be open and watch how it all comes together.

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