The Power of Goodbye

Today I’m writing about the Power of Goodbye, and the courage it takes to give and receive this energy. One that triggers growth, and makes room for greater things in life to come to you, despite temporary challenges, and thoughts that things will never be the same. And frankly the fact that you will never be the same.

(Big sigh here) and a note to let you know that – that’s precisely correct.

As much as we can try to control our outcome, it’s a direction – and not a definite. When we realize and have faith in the fact that our path is part of the journey to where we want to go, do or be, it becomes easier for us. There’s no pushing involved, no forcing, no manipulation or “willing” something to happen.

Amazingly, I’ve found that if we don’t make changes when we need to, changes still happen anyway. Like it or not, we’ll be forced to deal with the outcome.

Goodbye isn’t always voluntary, but necessary for our growth. Our next step. A contribution that we might have been holding back. A gift we know deep in our hearts, but are afraid to act on. For reasons known, and sometimes buried.

With the change in season, the leaves turning color, and my new wood stove burning, I’ve taken some time to reflect on the Power of Goodbye, and the power as well to say Welcome.

The Power — and Courage — to say Bring it On.

I’m ready for the next step.

Are you?

Be grateful for both the challenges and the treasures. They are all here to teach us something.

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