Let’s face it. We all want attention. Some more than others. But, if you’re a small business owner or executive on the rise, you want to be sure to get attention -- to boost your image, gain credibility and be noticed for the expert you really Read more [...]
Life has its unexpected ways, and when you put yourself out there – to promote a brand or yourself, you really never know what the outcome will be – or where you’ll be seen.  You just have to believe! Surprise on me/us, when we heard this weekend Read more [...]
PR, Promotions and Publicity aren’t a one size fit all strategy to get you noticed.  And, that’s a good thing.  Variety is the spice of life! In creating a PR roadmap, you want to customize the outreach experience and connect the dots from where Read more [...]
It was an exciting week presenting my new workshop, 5 Ways Social Media Can Get You More Sales, Customers and Profits, at the Small Business Expo in Boston. Thank you to all who attended and followed up personally. It’s an exciting time for Social PR Read more [...]
I’m constantly amazed at how much people complain. Not just small business owners and entrepreneurs telling their woes of not enough business, working too hard, or having enough time. Everyone is complaining and it’s almost an epidemic! It’s not Read more [...]

WWW Surprises

We never know where the day will lead us, or the leads that will take us down the path of meeting new people and creating opportunities that may impact our lives, and our business. As a member of ProfNet, a PR Newswire service, I get press leads that Read more [...]
I'​m finding that with the current economic marketplace, I advise small business owners to give lots of added value. Instead of discounting programs, I suggest that they add to an established program. That often makes a difference;​ i.e., a half Read more [...]